The city’s citizens bore witness to a time of prosperity and joy during the President’s tenure, for dolphins swam the river gracefully and with seeming purpose. The streets and squares were filled with grateful celebrations and sounds. Many believed their beloved. The infallible leader had brought them to a place of security and contentment, for no failure had befallen them in all his days of rule. github.com/marcinklimek

A great way to feed OpenAI all your source code

A great way to feed OpenAI all your source code for auto generating commit message based on code differences(GPT based approach): gpt-commit commitomatic what the commit

January 16, 2023


In case of trouble while installing the package Avalonia, check the NuGet.config: c:\Users<USER>\AppData\Roaming\NuGet\NuGet.Config <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <configuration> <packageSources> <add key="nuget.org" value="https://www.nuget.org/api/v2/" /> </packageSources> </configuration>

January 16, 2023

Cinder Climb

My project for a climbing wall. Although in principle a climbing wall is not necessary....

High throughput Fizz Buzz


November 15, 2021


Basecase Multiplication Karatsuba Multiplication Toom 3-Way Multiplication Toom 4-Way Multiplication Higher degree Toom’n’half FFT Multiplication Other Multiplication Unbalanced Multiplication

November 15, 2021